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What an honor to be included in the annual Green Issue of the Hong Kong Tatler!
We’re featured alongside other fabulous, quirky and innovative sustainable creations in the ‘Style’ section in a beautifully styled double-page spread.

The featured pieces are from the SOL Collections: the Wabi, Sabi and Iwa Rock pendants, and the Figroot Black and Figroot White rings, all from the Bonsai Series.


RE Ring in the makingIt’s been a busy but fun-filled couple of weeks hand-crafting the limited edition RE series in the workshop. I’m told what makes making the RE jewelry such a joy is the ‘no-sweat’ approach – that each piece is cut from remnants of a cuff bangle and then hand filed, shaped, hammered and polished with practically no use of heat or machinery.

I think the real charm of it is the fact that although similar in origin, each one ends up being unique in texture, shape and symmetry, and no two ever look exactly alike, giving each a character of its own – just like family! Embracing differences and promoting uniqueness, both in individuals and in jewelry is just the way we like it – no pressure, just go with the flow…

That’s just what we love about this ring, the RE0005. We don’t recall there ever being a rule that said a ring can’t be any other shape but round or that it can’t double as a pendant that doesn’t look like a ring. It’s sleek chic as a pendant on a chain or leather cord, and is super comfortable worn as a ring, alone or stacked, sideways or pointing straight up…

The first batch of rings and pendants have been shipped out of our workshop and are stocked at ECOLS and the TDC Design Gallery (available mid-June) in Hong Kong. They’ll also be available at US-based online jewelry store, later this summer making RE available to everyone – where ever you may be.

We hope to create more unique additions to the RE family soon as well as expand our brood of awesome retailers.

- Hope you enjoy the current collection as much as we did putting it together…


We’re so excited to announce the May 27th grand opening of ECOLS at The ONE, Tsim Sha Tsui where our up-cycled RE series will be available for the first time ever in Hong Kong.

ECOLS is the first ECO lifestyle store in Hong Kong, offering a great selection of eco art, eco lifestyle products and fashion accessories.

The upcycled RE rings and pendants are created out of ‘flawed’ silver bangles salvaged from the workshop, giving birth to a completely different unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry. In addition to not using ‘virgin’ silver, by manually hammering and shaping the rings and pendants instead of casting recycled silver, the energy consuming processes have been avoided, leaving no footprint behind.

The RE series is fun and beautiful in every way, and they make an awesome gift that shows you really care…

Check out the ECOLS website for more information about their products and eco-ethos, and look for the fantastic new shop on Level 6, The ONE – next to Caffe HABITU…

Be sure to check out the RE series while you’re there!


Check out the awesome article in the March 2011 issue of Horizon Magazine entitled “Green is the New Black” by journalist writer and DIAZ jewelry wearer Helen Dalley.

“Forget unflattering hemp skirts and kitschy ethical jewellery; eco fashion is evolving into something way cooler as a wave of environmentally conscious style pioneers steer green design into more glamourous territory in Hong Kong”.

The article features excerpts from interviews with local pioneers, including our very own Creative Director, Salina on global trends in sustainable fashion and it’s influences in Hong Kong.


Silver Styles - 2011 JanWhat a thrill it was to be chosen and featured in the January 2011 issue of Silver Styles magazine!
We were honored that our jewelry was featured alongside jewelry by John Hardy, a man we’ve always admired for putting silver on the luxury jewelry map and for his influence on the brand’s simple nature-inspired designs and local sustainability efforts in Bali, Indonesia.
Our featured pieces are from the SOL Collections: the Wabi and Sabi pendants from the Bonsai series, and the Be-Bopp and Supernova rings from the Celestial series.


DIAZ gorgeous ringsThe Kimberley Process, an international diamond tracking regime was designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources which are free of conflict funded by diamond production. The recent failure of the Kimberley Process to take tough action against Zimbabwe and its non-compliance with international trade standards regarding diamonds from its Marange diamond fields is a major concern as undocumented diamonds continue to be sold to a mix of foreign buyers who smuggle them out of the country.

It is a well documented fact that rough diamonds from all over the world are mixed during trade before cutting and resale. With the failure of the Kimberley Process to stand resolutely for clean diamonds, there really is no way of being 100% certain that even a certified diamond you’re purchasing really is a conflict-free gem.

Insisting on conflict-free gems is an important first step to encourage change in the diamond industry. However, while the standards and definition of “conflict-free” remain ambiguous, consumers remain skeptical. When perfect alternatives do exist, must one still demand a mined diamond?

Our line of original 100% Conflict-Free designer engagement rings are set with the exquisite precision cut created stones of Swarovski Gems™; to offer a truly sincere, transparent and flawless promise to cherish with confidence forever. Check out the DIAZ Bridal Collection here.


1% for the Planet logo

We believe in promoting socially responsible business practices that respect human beings and the environment. Since day one, it’s been our hope to contribute in the direction of solving issues a step at a time, partnering with those who share our beliefs, be it those who support our causes by buying our jewelry or non-profits working to raise awareness and bring about solutions.

In the past, DIAZ partnered with non-profits Amnesty International Japan, One Sky & the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone to donate a percentage of sales towards diamond mine reclamation and organic agriculture projects in mining towns of Sierra Leone – a country devastated by civil war, conflict diamonds, and environmental devastation as a result of indiscriminate alluvial diamond mining.

This year, we’re so excited about our partnership with 1% for the Planet, a growing global movement of companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 2,344 environmental organizations worldwide. 1% exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet – to “keep Earth in business”. It just makes good sense.

We were especially excited to discover that we are in fact the first jewelry brand out of Asia to join.

The environmental challenges we face are enormous…
The need for businesses to lead the way is even bigger.
We’re glad to do our part.
Click here to learn more about 1% for the Planet.


The SOL Collections leaftlet

We were so pleased that Takashi was selected to exhibit his designs for the SOL Collections at the International Designer Arena of the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show in November 2010.  The collections, featuring nature-inspired pieces gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the sustainability ethos of the brand, which includes original and unique designs using upcycled/recycled silver, natural rocks and crystals as well as Swarovski Zirconia instead of diamonds and gold, which are not well regulated and known to cause ecological devastation during mining. In some known cases, they have also been associated with human rights abuse during mining and trade.
It was a great opportunity and venue to share the stories behind the designs and raise awareness to the issues.
Thank you for all the support, praise and positive responses!