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We’re so excited to announce the May 27th grand opening of ECOLS at The ONE, Tsim Sha Tsui where our up-cycled RE series will be available for the first time ever in Hong Kong.

ECOLS is the first ECO lifestyle store in Hong Kong, offering a great selection of eco art, eco lifestyle products and fashion accessories.

The upcycled RE rings and pendants are created out of ‘flawed’ silver bangles salvaged from the workshop, giving birth to a completely different unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry. In addition to not using ‘virgin’ silver, by manually hammering and shaping the rings and pendants instead of casting recycled silver, the energy consuming processes have been avoided, leaving no footprint behind.

The RE series is fun and beautiful in every way, and they make an awesome gift that shows you really care…

Check out the ECOLS website for more information about their products and eco-ethos, and look for the fantastic new shop on Level 6, The ONE – next to Caffe HABITU…

Be sure to check out the RE series while you’re there!


The SOL Collections leaftlet

We were so pleased that Takashi was selected to exhibit his designs for the SOL Collections at the International Designer Arena of the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show in November 2010.  The collections, featuring nature-inspired pieces gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the sustainability ethos of the brand, which includes original and unique designs using upcycled/recycled silver, natural rocks and crystals as well as Swarovski Zirconia instead of diamonds and gold, which are not well regulated and known to cause ecological devastation during mining. In some known cases, they have also been associated with human rights abuse during mining and trade.
It was a great opportunity and venue to share the stories behind the designs and raise awareness to the issues.
Thank you for all the support, praise and positive responses!