This blog has been set up so that our friends, subscribers, customers and just about anyone who happens to drop by can learn more about the stories and philosophy behind our jewelry.

We like to pick our brains for new designs, concepts and ideas and are often moved by things we see, smell, taste and touch in our everyday lives, as well as global current affairs and issues, the state of the economy and the environment. Of course, being a jewelry brand, the latest in fashion trends and styles are also of great interest.

At DIAZ, we like to think out of the box and challenge conventional wisdom. We love to think of ways to make people think and rethink. We love to remind and be reminded of the beauty and strength of Mother Nature and our natural surroundings, and just stay in touch with all of it through our jewelry.

This blog is a window into what we’re thinking… and what makes DIAZ the kind of jewelry brand it is.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we’re enjoying putting it together!


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