Very simply put, ‘iwa’ is Japanese for ‘rock’.
The IWA pendant is a rock cast in sterling silver.

At DIAZ, we respect the heck out of rocks. Rocks of any shape, color and size just amaze us.
In most developed societies, dependency on price tags to determine and dictate the value of objects is a given. Amidst this preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods, many of us fail to see the true value and beauty of items that do not have a price tag attached to it. A little old rock may not seem valuable or as rare as a diamond, but did you know that even the youngest of rocks can be thousands to millions of years old, created by much the same natural forces that made what man has labeled as ‘precious gems’.
We’d like to redefine precious here. We believe ALL natural raw materials are precious and should be treated with equal respect.

Thank you for your patience…
It’s been approximately a couple thousand to millions of years in the making, but we’re very pleased to finally present this pendant as a symbol of our appreciation of the Earth in all its glory.


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